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Green Cleaning: Chem-Dry by the Millers’ Uses Less Water

green cleaning

Unlike most typical carpet cleaning solutions — which usually utilize a steam cleaning method — the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning process is one that is not only more effective but also uses up to 80% less water than typical carpet cleaners. This is a green solution for your green cleaning goals.

Why? It is a combination of the process and the cleaners that we use. Where typical steam carpet cleaning saturates carpets with soapy water, the Chem-Dry process uses millions of microscopic bubbles combined with powerful Hot Carbonating Extraction and a natural cleaning solution, The Natural® — which means we use less water and no harsh soaps or chemicals causing less stress on the carpet. Our green cleaning option uses carbonation to loosen and lift the dirt, and our high-powered equipment then removes it. As an added benefit, this method also typically takes a lot less time to dry. 

 Another huge advantage of our low moisture process is the way that it protects your carpet in the long run. We offer a faster dry time and less water is collected at the base of the carpet. Therefore, this reduces the risk of mold and mildew; this not only protects your carpet but lessens the overall exposure of those allergens to your family.

When compared with steam cleaners, Chem-Dry by the Millers carpet cleaning services provide a solution that is not only more environmentally friendly, but which is more efficient, more convenient, and ultimately more effective.

Source: https://www.chemdry.com/blog/chem-dry-uses-less-water-green-solution

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